Case Description

Create and validate your startup project consisting of:

  • A meaningful and priced solution (product, service or experience)
  • To a defined target group’s documented needs
  • Analyses of the startup project’s environment

You have to create and validate your startup project consisting of a meaningful and priced solution (product, service or experience) to a defined target group’s documented needs within a specific context that you have to analyze.


  • Monthly subscription service based on home essential products.
  • Value higher than pocket price
  • Sustainability
  • Consist of 5-7 products
  • Gender neutral
  • Delivered straight to the users front door.
  • Personalized through questionnaire when signing up.
  • Considers product life span and consumer consumption
  • Time and money saving.
  • 3 month test trial.


  • Sign up online through KASSEN’s own website

  • Customers can create a personal profile through a short questionnaire. 

packaging and prototype


  • Men and women in the ages of 20-40 years old
  • Lives in Copenhagen
  • Busy lifestyle, values saving time
  • Tired of having to spend time purchasing basic home essentials
  • Comfortable using e-commerce
  • Interested sustainability and seeks becoming more sustainable



  • Sustainability
  • Seeks saving time and money
  • Getting a better conscience.
  • Convenience
  • Exploring
  • Exposure to new products and solution on how to become more sustainable.


  • Sustainability
  • Time with family and friends
  • Clean home
  • Being trendy and modern


Price example based on cost-plus

  • Cost of products and production: 80 DKK
  • Mark-up (2)(100%): 80 DKK
  • Calculated pocket price: 160 DKK
  • Final pocket price: 159 DKK

Value-based pricing

  • Determine pocket price based on how customer value

Price differentiation

  • Using odd pricing, having a 9-ending pocket price.
  • One month free trial – targeting users with low w.t.p.


E-commerce market

  • Current consumer consumption consist of 133.5 billion DKK (growth of 23% since 2017)
  • Entering the ‘service’ market’ under the subcategory ‘subscriptions’ (19% of market (1 billion DKK))


  • Entering a narrow industry within sustainable brands and subscriptions.
  • Suppliers have a high bargaining power in the beginning. Will decrease with time.
  • The adoption chain risk will therefore also lower during time


  • No direct/close competitors
  • Goodiebox, supermarkets and small sustainable stores. 
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